Giving birth and being born may be the singularly most powerful events in your life, yet they are also global events shared by over 350,000 women and babies every day.  On that day, you are in good company and on that day, around the world, family and friends watch as the future begins.

Radiant   Connected   Powerful   Courageous   Respected   Confident   Vibrant  Strong   Comfortable   Supported   Valued   Loved

These are the ways every woman deserves to feel while nurturing and bringing new life into the world!

The way we birth and the way we are born are simultaneously shaped by culture and shaping culture.  The more consciousness we bring to our births and parenting, the more we can engage in moving our world to a more peaceful, respectful and loving place.

Today, parents are faced with an incredible amount of information and advice on how to approach pregnancy, birth and parenting.  It can be overwhelming.  What I want most is to help you navigate this sea of information so you can consciously and confidently nurture yourself and your family according to what you hold most dear, not what someone else thinks is best for you.

I am here to support you on your journey to realizing your dreams for your birth, your family and your community.